AROM S.r.l provides engineering services related to water treatment plants. We take care to develop projects economically as well as ecologically sustainable. We have the capacity to develop projects not only on the small scale (tens of thousands €) but also of considerable importance (up to tens of millions €). The dynamic structure of our business allows quick decisions. The internal design team, supported by some linked companies and independent professionals, is motivated to develop the projects according the highest criteria, engineering standards and BAT. Founded in 1989 as a limited partnership company, we have operated as a limited liability company since 2004 based in Milan. The company founder (MSc in Industrial Chemistry) started in the profession more than 35 years ago and is presently considered a sector expert. We employ the latest communication systems and design tools (calculation software).

AROM S.r.l proposes innovative solutions (but only if previously successfully tested) and recognized technically and economically reliable. It has always been our approach to emphasize water recirculation for the sustainable use this resource, an approach presently known as ZLD (zero liquid discharge). Moreover we are giving more and more importance to solutions enabling as high as possible energy recovery. Our main commitments are: respect of current regulations and customer global satisfaction. With our support, Clients must be able to achieve systems that are reliable, durable and economic, in terms of investment and management costs. We have a loyal and returning customer base. This encourages the pursuit of excellence, as we have done for over 20 years.